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Moisturizing Portable Humidifier

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It's that time of the year we all endure in our cold climates. Yes, that's right...cold dry air.  Get this USB powered portable humidifier right now!  This will help alleviate your dry skin and nose soreness this winter leaving you able to breathe and feel better.  Powering this stylish LED humidifier won't be an issue anywhere with it's included USB power cord.  Simply plug it into any powered USB socket and fill with fresh water.  Have a favorite scented oil?  Just add a couple of drops to the water to turn this into an enjoyable aromatherapy humidifier. 
Choose dark wood grain or light wood grain or BOTH!
How to use it:
1. Open the top cover counterclockwise
2. Add fresh water
3. Connect USB Power Supply
4. Turn on, Open the spray mode and enjoy!
Package includes:
1. Humidifier
2. USB Data Line
3. Instructions for Use